ThePAC: Physician Assistants of Color
ThePAC: Physician Assistants of Color

Welcome to ThePAC: Physician Assistants of Color

Where Aspiring and Practicing PAs of Color Connect!

What's Included?

The sense of belonging, community, and support from people who "just get it."

Open and private discussion forums by topic for pre-PAs, PA-S, and PA-Cs

Monthly events, courses, webinars, and Q&A sessions relevant to the PA profession, medicine, diversity, and/or personal development

Leadership and academia opportunities 

Priority access to live and virtual events, scholarships, and other financial assistance

Connections to members in your area

Priority registration for any PAC events

Why Should You Join?

You should join if you are a pre-PA, PA student, or practicing physician assistant that is looking for a community that wants to support you as you work towards achieving both your professional and personal goals. 

For Us By Us, to Help Us

Your support and participation in this community is how we can all work together to create the change that is needed in the PA profession and medicine overall. For our patients. For our communities. For all those that will come behind us. #runwithThePAC